Business development executive course

Business Development Executive Course

You will get the vision and direction for your Business crystal clear when we help you assess, plan, communicate and then implement and manage change. We help you to deliver consistent messages people need to hear and coach you and others to demonstrate new behaviors that help make changes “stick”. We support you and your team to embrace change more quickly and effectively, so your organization is resilient and able to respond quickly, embrace strategic initiatives, and adopt new technology with less productivity impact. This capability does not happen by chance, however, and requires a strategic approach to embed change management across an organization.

Leadership Practices Inventory

Change management covers:

  • Strategic Planning – Clearly map the strategy, goals, and action plans to get you to your vision of the future. Engage your team monthly so you stay on top of the barriers only you can remove.
  • Change Management Resilience – We’ll help you to prepare, message, equip and support you and your team to successfully adopt and manage change and drive organizational success. Achieve greater success for your company by communicating and using the best change management practices, principles, training and tools.

Continuous Quality Improvement

Learn to see wastes in your work flow; deliver more value to your customer, use evidence-based methods to determine the savings your process changes can net; take alean systems approach to learn and teach your staff to use quality improvement tools and analyses. By being easy on people and hard on the processes, your team will adapt the Spirit of Quality Improvement when they see it is not a theory du jour, but a hands-on cultural change that sticks.

Continual Improvement
Continual Improvement

Workshops/Seminars/Webinars: Conduct workshops or seminars on marketing strategies for businesses. This will not only help you showcase your marketing expertise, but also allow you to reach more potential clients who may be interested in your other services.
Networking and Collaborations: Connect with other professionals in your field who may not have the same marketing background. They could refer clients who need marketing guidance to you, and vice versa.

Rebranding or Sub-Branding: Consider creating a sub-brand that focuses on marketing strategies for business development. This could help segregate your services and reach the specific target audience interested in marketing support.

Client Testimonials and Case Studies: If you have helped any of your past or existing clients with marketing-related issues, request them for testimonials or use their cases (with their permission) as success stories to showcase your expertise in the field.

Remember, the key is to ensure my existing and potential clients understand that this is not a shift away from my core services, but an enhancement of my offerings. This approach allows them to see the added value they can get from working with a coach who not only understands leadership and organizational dynamics but also has a solid understanding of marketing strategies.

Here are my ideas for blowing out several marketing pieces relative to business development and adding marketing as part of my offer.
I have a rich and comprehensive background and varied skills, and I’m thinking of leveraging my expertise in marketing to diversify and expand my coaching business. Here are some thoughts on how I can integrate these skills into my current offerings:

Position Your Marketing Skills as a Unique Differentiator: In your communications and branding, emphasize that your background in marketing adds an additional layer of expertise to your coaching services. Explain how this combination of skills sets you apart and can offer added value to your clients.

Offer Specific Marketing Coaching Programs: Create new coaching programs or packages specifically designed to address business development and marketing. These could be standalone offerings, or they could be modules that can be integrated into broader coaching packages.

Content Marketing: Leverage your marketing skills in your own business first. Create blogs, videos, webinars, and social media posts providing valuable marketing insights. This demonstrates your expertise and gives potential clients a taste of what they can gain from working with you.

Continual Improvement

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