Business development executive course

Business Development Executive Course

You will get the vision and direction for your Business crystal clear when we help you assess, plan, communicate and then implement and manage change. We help you to deliver consistent messages people need to hear and coach you and others to demonstrate new behaviors that help make changes “stick”. We support you and your team to embrace change more quickly and effectively, so your organization is resilient and able to respond quickly, embrace strategic initiatives, and adopt new technology with less productivity impact. This capability does not happen by chance, however, and requires a strategic approach to embed change management across an organization.

Leadership Practices Inventory

Change management covers:

  • Strategic Planning – Clearly map the strategy, goals, and action plans to get you to your vision of the future. Engage your team monthly so you stay on top of the barriers only you can remove.
  • Change Management Resilience – We’ll help you to prepare, message, equip and support you and your team to successfully adopt and manage change and drive organizational success. Achieve greater success for your company by communicating and using the best change management practices, principles, training and tools.

Continuous Quality Improvement

Learn to see wastes in your work flow; deliver more value to your customer, use evidence-based methods to determine the savings your process changes can net; take alean systems approach to learn and teach your staff to use quality improvement tools and analyses. By being easy on people and hard on the processes, your team will adapt the Spirit of Quality Improvement when they see it is not a theory du jour, but a hands-on cultural change that sticks.

Continual Improvement

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Feedback from Our Clients

Versoria facilitators offer valuable guidance and useful ideas about strategic planning. “Terry’s supportive communication style has helped pull projects to completion at each stage.”

“Excellent facilitators, I felt heard and they helped us talk about and solve problems without making anyone feel uncomfortable in the team process.”