About Us


Commit to the future:
The world of work will be far more challenging than can be conceived of today. We, as consultants, from our privileged perspectives, do everything we can to make the world better.

Commit to service:
 Our attitude is client centered, we put our clients’ best interests at the center of everything we do.

Nurture relationships:
We enter into working relationships as long-term alliances and seek clients who desire the same.

Act with integrity:
Whatever we do for clients, partners and associates is done respectfully, honestly and reliably.

Take responsibility:
 No matter the obstacles, we do what we say we will do, as promised.

Work with passion:
 Our desire is to provide the highest level of service possible underscores and inspires us each and every day to provide creative solutions.

Be accountable:
 We understand our roles and responsibilities at every stage. We earn the respect of clients, partners and colleagues by taking ownership of everything we do.

Deliver quality:
We maintain the highest quality in everything we do. While timeliness is important, we don’t sacrifice quality for speed.

Grow and learn:
 Our intention is to engage fully in the evolution and growth of ourselves, our clients and each other. We are committed to continuous learning and personal development and growth.




President, Versoria

Since 1991, Terry has provided executive coaching and business consulting to clients in the hospital, financial, state and local government, non-profit and business sectors. Terry’s coaching and consulting approach is strengths based and founded on developing and working from the principles of integrity, drive, will, clarity, alignment and action. Change management approach is founded in well-known theorists: William Bridges, John Kotter, Kevin Cashman, Pointer and Orlikoff, and other others whose philosophies and tools provide Terry’s clients with a comprehensive set of consulting skills.

Terry has been helping people work together to lead with the highest integrity, drive from a strong will to succeed and an equally strong will to develop others so they succeed. People who work with Terry become more critical and strategic thinkers, learn to map work flow and find opportunities for improvement, develop effective communication skills, and learn to engage and empower people to build more trusting relationships.

Adept at mediating tough conversations and facilitating cultural change, Terry is a trusted partner in Leadership coaching, team coaching, conflict resolution, changing organizational culture, improving operational excellence, and strategic planning.

Certifications: International Coach Federation Master Certified Coach, University of Washington Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Glaser Conversational Intelligence Coach.

Degrees: Organizational Psychology, Antioch University, Business and Community Development, The Evergreen State College

Terry offers valuable coaching and useful ideas about business, strategy, leadership and planning. “Terry’s developmental communication style has helped pull projects to completion at each stage.”

“Excellent facilitators, I felt heard and they helped us talk about and solve problems without making anyone feel uncomfortable in the team process.”


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