Leaders aren’t made, they’re developed. How are you creating new leaders in your organization? What does your organization need from its leaders? Every organization understands the value of leadership, and any employee being led can tell you whether or not their company has effective leadership. The most important thing to understand about great leadership development is that it is not a program. Great leadership development is a strategy and culture.

We help you define the goals and expectations for leaders in your organization, including the key capabilities, competencies, and experiences of a successful leader. Those definitions drive leadership selection, rewards, and the various supporting development programs. Managed in this strategic way, leadership development becomes the heart beat  in your organization. .

The work begins as you define what you want your leadership culture to be, review the talent needs of your organization and determine how you find, encourage, and promote successful leaders, then focus on developing those individuals.

Leaders Dashboard

The Leader’s Dashboard is a deceptively simple tool. In a single page, it takes a leader from the highest-level questions about mission, vision, and values, to strategic questions about core talents and priorities, tactical questions about measuring performance, and individual questions about key relationships and opportunities for professional development. It results in personal insights from guided reflection and dialogue which answer these questions.

Leadership Practices Inventory - 360 Review

Applying the proven principles of Kouzes and Posner’s acclaimed Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® model, the LPI enables individuals and organizations to measure their leadership competencies and act on their discoveries. Leaders gain deep insight into how they see themselves as leaders, how others view them, and what actions they can take to improve their effectiveness. The LPI is available in six languages – English, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Mongolian.

Versoria facilitators offer valuable guidance and useful ideas about strategic planning. “Terry’s supportive communication style has helped pull projects to completion at each stage.”

“Excellent facilitators, I felt heard and they helped us talk about and solve problems without making anyone feel uncomfortable in the team process.”


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