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By Terry Taylor, Versoria

Eliminate Stress and Unlock your full potential as CEO of your business and your life. Versoria coaching will equip you every step of the way.

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Transformational leadership coaching. There are no natural born leaders. Leadership is a set of skills and coaching equips you to embody, model, coach and teach them.

Coaching is a success strategy. It is an ongoing confidential relationship within which you set and achieve goals along your journey, shift your mindset, develop and build leadership competencies and move yourself and your company forward.


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Red Table An advanced leadership class for graduates of Take Your Place



of Organizational Change attempts fail.
It takes CEO vision, will and drive to stick.

Assessment Tools

We evaluate you, your staff and your company’s performance and level of satisfaction in a variety of areas using a large array of tools. Some of these tools are stand along. Some can’t be used without the other. We’ll work together to choose the tools that work best for you.


Customized workshops for team building, skill building, leadership development, change management, and continous quality improvement

You and your team will learn the various roles and levels of authority as you map out who does what and when and then apply key analytic tools to improve efficiency. 

"After 4 sessions I'm a lot more confident moving forward on my project. I'm stretching outside my comfort zone of legitimacy and analyzing the ROI; actually planning. I've reassessed my life and business and I've learned a little bit of action increases my level of satisfaction. Big one is realizing my 'child' has been in charge of defiance."

Leadership Advisor and Executive Coach, Lean Kaizen Facilitator, and Organizational Psychologist

Terry Taylor provided organizational development consulting services for the Women, Infant and Children office under my sponsorship during the years 2010-2017. During that time she coached project managers, supervisors and teams to work together more effectively, lead change initiatives, collaborate and cooperate to implement system, process, behavior, communication and leadership improvements.

Terry brought together her coaching and consulting skills as a leadership Advisor and executive coach, lean kaizen facilitator, and organizational psychologist to assess, plan, design, gain sponsorship and facilitate a kaizen event. She is an adept coach and facilitator and dependably helped project managers to deliver improvements on time.

As a then member of the Leadership Team, I am aware Terry delivered change management classes within the Prevention and Community Health Division and the Division of Information Resource Management. Terry also finished the Community and Health Division Strategic Plan.
I recommend Terry Taylor’s skills and experience as a coach and consultant in the areas of Leadership, Organizational Development, Coaching, Communication, Change Management Leader and Team Development and Strategic Planning.

Janet Jackson Charles, Office Director, Retired
Office of Women, Infant, Children
Washington State Department of Health

Janet Jackson Charles
Department of Health

Adroit Facilitation and Executive Coaching

I worked with Terry Taylor, Versoria, Inc., for approximately 2 years in the capacity of organizational development consultant, facilitator and executive coach. During that time she helped me and my team of fifteen navigate the departure of a supervisor, and 3 staff members some of whom left quite a wake upon their leave. Terry facilitated two planning retreats, one solution seeking retreat, and one teambuilding retreat.  We learned our communications styles and defense strategies and learned tools to help us resolve problems and move forward. She provided executive coaching for me on a monthly basis for a year.  Terry made herself more available as needs arose.

Terry has proven to be a reliable and dedicated management coach.  She is skillful in these areas: individual and group processes, conflict resolution, accountability, team work, team building and system processes & thinking. You can count on Terry to work closely with the manager(s) and their employees and to respond to individual and group needs.

I was first introduced to Terry through a community group of ministers here in Thurston. This group is quite diverse and they have a particularly difficult mission.  Terry assisted them through a day long process which addressed strategies in order to achieve their work plan. Terry adroitly got the group focused and moved them through a day long process where they achieved more constructive work than they thought was possible.

I recommend Terry to work with teams and individuals who are seeking better communication, team building, and more effective leadership and working systems.  I am grateful to Terry for all the time and input which has helped our team grow immeasurably.

Connie Walker, MA, Nacc-Cert. Past Director, Mission Leadership and Spiritual Care Services
Providence St. Peter Hospital

Forward Movement

Terry is a fantastic person to bring into your organization to help move it forward. With a fresh set of eyes and ideas she helped facilitate forward movement in my company.

Stephanie Schramm
MadCap Marketing

I have known Terry for many years. Terry provided great insight and helped me gain confidence and set goals professionally and personally. Terry has also spoken as the keynote speaker for the Washington Private Duty Association (WAPDA) annual conference and was well received by our members. I am happy to recommend Terry and am confident that her positive, enthusiastic personality and strong work ethic will be an asset to anyone fortunate enough to work with her.

Julie Ferguson
Advanced Health Care

Invaluable Help

Terry did a great job of helping Fairway build its management team during a time of transition and change. She was invaluable in helping us with our vision and in helping us understand more clearly what issues were most important to our well-being as a company and as individuals.

Greg and Laila Luhn
Fairway Collections

Ever-Stretching Pace

Terry is a professional first and foremost, with her client’s best always top of mind. She pushes at the appropriate times enabling individuals to grow and develop their strengths at a manageable, but ever-stretching pace. Terry is wonderful at personal coaching and I recommend her without hesitation!!!

Betsy Pozzanghera

Successful Navigation

I sought Terry out when I was overwhelmed by my involvement with 3 different businesses and 3 different sets of partners. Terry helped me to successfully navigate my businesses to a positive conclusion and later was instrumental in the foundational development of my current business. She is inspirational to work with.

Chris Hardy

Heart of the Matter

Terry helped me launch my business and again 3 years later when I needed help resolving some issues in the office. I would highly recommend Terry as a professional coach, she gets right to the heart of the matter and gives practical solutions with accountability. I don’t believe I would be as successful as I am today, 10 years later, without her coaching expertise!

Jeanne-Marie Wilson

I’d absolutely hire her again!

Terry is the perfect balance of coach and teacher. She has a very clear and insightful approach to her work that helped move our team toward our individual and group goals quickly and effectively. I’d absolutely hire her again!


Emily Reiter Sparks


Terry helped our company see the gaps of understanding and helped us develop solutions to avoid current and future pitfalls. Thanks Terry for bringing “light” to our reality.

Aaron McMullen, McMullen Electric

Aaron McMullen
McMullen Electric

Lemons Into Lemonade

Terry is a positive motivator with an effective and articulate communication style that puts people at ease. She is a great collaborator, community oriented, and works effectively in a team environment. I’ve worked with Terry on several community projects and her roles as mentor, coach, facilitator and leader were second to none. Additionally, she is just delightful to work with — she exudes positive energy, is creative, finds the best in everyone, and knows how to make lemonade out of lemons.

Judy Singley

Judy Singley
Tacoma Chamber

Business AND Life Goals

Terry is a creative thinker and motivated facilitator in employee communication, change process and business development. I highly recommend her for anyone looking to be more successful in business and life goals.

Michele McGehee

Michele McGehee

Achieved My Results

Terry was a pleasure to work with, she got down to the root causes and assisted in the correct directions to achieve my results.

Dave Sisk

I have known Terry for about 20 years. We have worked and grown together throughout this time. I have always been impressed with Terry’s integrity. By use of that word, I mean that Terry listens carefully to people, ensures she understands what the issues are, and then diligently works with her clients to help them create the results they want in their businesses and in their lives. Terry is energetic, creative, helps people to challenge their own paradigms about growth, and is focused on coaching to results. Thanks Terry for your insights over the years!

Diane Christie

She focused us on moving forward

I had the pleasure of working with Terry during her time as a member of the Board of Directors at Harlequin Productions. As a staff person, I appreciated her ability to build the board team and ask pertinent questions that helped focus us on moving forward instead of on the past.

Trudy Soucoup
Homes First

What value have I received

I feel that you had everything to do with how great of an experience this has been for me! I have read stories about how meeting one person can change your life and now I can say it has happened to me.

While I have often said that I can do anything I put my mind to, I have had difficulty putting my mind to anything! Several times over the past 20 years I sought out therapists whom I had hoped would help me figure out why I was so restless and discontent. Had I known about coaching then I would have realized that what I needed was not a therapist, but a coach – someone who would help me discover (or uncover) my passion and help me give myself permission to have it! Terry, you have done all that and more.

Another person commented to me recently that I “glowed” when talking about my work. I have never felt so excited about the “possibilities” as I do when I think about what I could potentially accomplish on my own! The idea of creating a series of coaching/fitness/wellness classes is very exciting!

Thank you, Terry! I feel lucky to have met you! – LindaC


Dwayne Boggs, Boggs Inspection Services

My company was working remotely long before COVID-19. But, even with all the benefits of the job, I found that some of my employees weren’t really appreciating their employment and some were actively undermining me.

I made a commitment to tackle concerns honestly. Terry helped me create self-reporting performance measures, removing barriers to transparency, establish expectations verbally and in writing and I held my employees accountable. And, with her help I backed up my policies by making some hard decisions about employee behavior; and gained respect in the process. I’ve become a stronger leader. I have a great team and my company is growing even in this pandemic market.” Dwayne Boggs, Boggs Inspection Services

Dwayne Boggs

We are going again!

We’ve been doing well enough since the recession, staying busy enough and engaged enough. But, in the aftermath of that stress, we forgot to celebrate making it through. And, we forgot to get ourselves over it.

Terry helped us see where we wanted to put a shine on some of our business practices, make our public presence more credible, and strengthen ourselves as business partners and leaders. Terry coached us to see the strengths in our different work styles and helped us find a way to leverage those to each other’s’ advantage. We have a strategic business plan and a coach who stays in the know and keeps us moving.

The Result: We are Going Again. We are working better together and we have a clear vision that includes flip flops and fishing and our engaged team is committed to making it happen.

Ron and Amy Bates

See more here:

Ron and Amy Bates

Terry provided a thorough SWOT

Terry provided a thorough SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis for our organization which gave us the information we needed to strengthen and further develop our strategic plan. I highly recommend her organizational consulting services, she provided her objective perspective that helped us move forward very productively.

S. York
Falls Prevention

I always say…there was this coach!

Early on I hired Terry as my coach to help me with priority setting and time allocation.

Terry helped me think through my personal values and priorities and those early conversations helped me as a new business owner to guide my business to six-figure success.

Andrew Barkis

Diane Branson Unwin, Happily Retired, America’s Credit Union

I started coaching with Terry to assist me in coping with my current work environment. Over the 16 plus years I coached with Terry it evolved into so much more. Terry’s expert knowledge in the coaching field and her own professional experience took me from coping to excelling. Her feedback was a path to model my management techniques, develop a high performing team and to, in turn, have the skills to coach my own staff; as well as make cultural changes in the organization.

One of the many tools she provided both myself and my team were 360 evaluations. This experience was formidable for everyone, providing a path for each individual to improve leadership and time management which lead to improved teamwork and productivity. Even though there was resistance initially, it turned into an opportunity for greater conversation and reflection on how we interacted and performed.

Along with the accompanying coaching from Terry, this improved our team effectiveness as well as individual leadership skills. The changes to the dynamics improved not only how we interacted, it made us more efficient and bottom line driven.

She is a good listener with well thought out strategies to guide you to improve in whatever area you desire. I encouraged my team to coach with Terry once I experienced for myself what she can do to improve performance, attitude and results.

Diane Branson Unwin
Happily Retired

Terry knows what she’s doing and her results speak for themselves.

I am honored to recommend Terry Taylor. I endorse Terry without reservation to any organization that has made the wise decision to invest in the personal growth and team stability of its workforce. I am an employment law attorney with 20 yrs experience and I practice law with my father (Steve Henderson) and husband (Simon Stocker), at the Olympia, WA, law firm, Henderson Law Group, PLLC. Simon and I joined my father’s firm 7 yrs ago. I left a job I loved working as an attorney at Microsoft for over 5 yrs; before that I served as senior law clerk for the Chief Justice of the WA State Supreme Court, after which I worked for 5 yrs as a litigation attorney in the employment law practice group at a top Seattle firm, Carney Badley Spellman (where we represented several WA-based employers including Alaska Airlines and Tully’s Coffee).

My work with Fortune 500 companies and firms exposed me to many executive coaches who offer services like Terry’s…..none have impressed me as much as Terry. Our firm hired Terry in early 2019 to help resolve a multi-faceted situation imploding at our firm and getting worse by the minute. Practicing law with my husband and father (who has been a lifelong mentor to me) is a blessing…..but it also comes with its own unique set of challenges (e.g., interpersonal relationships, issues of trust, differing communication styles, hurt feelings, passionate litigators who didn’t see eye to eye on how to manage our staff or how to communicate with each other as we defended our respective team within our growing firm). Coupled with my employment law practice growing through the roof and a year where I settled some of the biggest and most media publicized cases of my career.

Terry had her work cut-out for her when we hired her. My father, Simon and I disagreed over management approaches; communication styles; values; and our Paralegals were battling each other’s egos in our office. Simon and I had to go home each night and co-parent our two little girls with a smile on our faces… was a lot. Terry took our broken firm by the hand and lead us to the light. Part therapist, part philosopher, part DISC Assessment expert, part brilliant business strategist, part peacemaker, part tough love…..Terry wore many hats in her consulting contract with our firm. And they all added-up to magic.

Like any great mediation heavily divided seemingly beyond repair, we came out the other end stronger, closer, more self-aware, more valued, more empowered, more accountable for our own actions and thus more trusting of each other. Throughout our coaching contract with Terry, she was prompt, knowledgeable, approachable, results-driven, fair with her pricing; invoicing, and respectful of my, my partner’s and our staff’s time.

Stephanie Henderson Stocker, Attorney & Partner

Stephanie Henderson Stocker, Attorney & Partner at Henderson Law Group, PLLC

Committed to Us

Really appreciate your facilitation of the meeting and your sound counsel. You are a huge blessing. The organization needs you, and so do I! Lane Sater, President

Your support and guidance to the organization has been tremendous. We appreciate you and everything you have done. James Vatne, Vice President

Thanks for all your guidance in making us successful. I don’t know if our doors would still be open without you. We had many thoughtful discussions on the direction of the organization, what we need to do to navigate the growth, and how we can best continue to serve our homeowners, volunteers, contractor partners, and donors.

You are greatly appreciated and we wouldn’t be in this position without your hard work and dedication.  You inspire me.  Cathy Johnson, Past President, Rebuilding Together Thurston County

Cathy Johnson

Lee’s Team


Our team meeting this morning was the best we’ve ever had! It was really positive and productive.  We’re heading in the right direction!

Thank you for your help.


Lee Johanna Edwards

Powerful coaching experience!

As a burned out, lost and discouraged business owner, I found myself on a mission to find a “guru with all the answers.” What I experienced in the 24-months working with Versoria’s Terry Taylor, however, was how to initiate profound change from within myself. Along with the more routine strategies and mind-mapping, Terry’s greatest gift lies in her uncanny ability to stoke the fires of motivation and activate her client’s entrepreneurial ingenuity. The creativity that roared through me 23 years ago when I opened my business was rekindled! Not only did Terry remove the block so I could I simply think forward again; she guided me to see my business with entirely fresh new eyes and instinct. The most powerful aspect of the coaching became evident when I recently stopped and looked around me. Everything solid about my business was still intact (or refreshed); yet I was surrounded by changes I had made without thinking.

I highly that anyone interested in opening or resuscitating a business to give themselves the time it takes working with Terry Taylor and Versoria. And even as an established business owner, I am glad I gave my work with Versoria 2-years; interestingly, the recommended standard for any new startup to succeed.

Trisha Hatfield Graves

Terry Taylor helped me seek clarity in myself

Terry Taylor helped me seek clarity in myself, my trajectory as a business marketing professional and business owner, and helped be the mirror that I can see myself in a good light. I get to see the me I want to be, work towards it, and keep going into the best life. In business and in life she has been a great ally to have in my corner.

Sheena Marie

Amazing Business Coach

Terry has the talent, the expertise, the integrity and the heart to help you find the truth. Terry is electric when leading groups. She has the ability to ask those most important piercing questions in a way that is healthy and respectful. Ideas spark under her facilitation. Terry is the best coach I know. She is where I go for assistance when stuck in my own unworkable patterns. This is someone every executive should work with at least once.

Diane Vasarkovy
Wolf Consulting, Retired

I am very impressed!

I had the opportunity to meet with Terry last week, and I am very impressed! She has a keen ability to ask the right questions, and really customize a plan to empower individuals to realize their fullest potential. Her office is very professional, and provides a comfortable environment. I am looking forward to what the next sessions will bring!

Kerri Renee Corwin

Love working with Terry!

Love working with Terry! She brings out the best in me, and helps me see the path I am meant to be on. Always positive and always uplifting… Terry is amazing at what she does… and she helps you be amazing at what you’re meant to do also!

Jeanette Fife-Ross