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Terry Taylor

You’ll receive a confirmation email in just a few minutes. I will call you at the time you picked so be ready. Remember, the goal is to get you crystal clear on 4 things.

  • Your unique personal vision, mission and goals.
  • Your ideal outcome, the ‘payoff’ you’re really working for and what’s getting in your way.
  • How to address that barrier and remove it.
  • And, best of all - The best strategy to ramp up your business and your perseverance so you have a life and business that really works for you.

The bottom line? This will be the best 45 minutes you have ever spent working on your business.

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Remember: If you can’t make your appointment for ANY reason, please be courteous and let me know.


Business Owner

Terry, you are masterful at assisting me in adjusting my perspective. I appreciate the way you help me re-frame marketing from pushing value to clients to pulling interest from clients.

And you have a seemingly endless array of super-useful tools for just about any need, personal or business. Thank you for helping me get on track.

Business Owner

I needed to take my new business to the next level, but was struggling with how to do it. I came in and Terry immediately had a plan of action and showed me how easy it really was.

She opened up my mind and gave me some great marketing ideas and avenues. Her service is invaluable.

Kitchen Design Center

Terry helped us see where we wanted to put a shine on some of our business practices, make our public presence more credible, and strengthen ourselves as business partners and leaders.

Terry coached us to see the strengths in our different work styles and helped us find a way to leverage those to each other’s’ advantage. We have a 5 year strategic plan and a coach who stays in the know and keeps us moving.