I am honored to recommend Terry Taylor. I endorse Terry without reservation to any organization that has made the wise decision to invest in the personal growth and team stability of its workforce. I am an employment law attorney with 20 yrs experience and I practice law with my father (Steve Henderson) and husband (Simon Stocker), at the Olympia, WA, law firm, Henderson Law Group, PLLC. Simon and I joined my father’s firm 7 yrs ago. I left a job I loved working as an attorney at Microsoft for over 5 yrs; before that I served as senior law clerk for the Chief Justice of the WA State Supreme Court, after which I worked for 5 yrs as a litigation attorney in the employment law practice group at a top Seattle firm, Carney Badley Spellman (where we represented several WA-based employers including Alaska Airlines and Tully’s Coffee).

My work with Fortune 500 companies and firms exposed me to many executive coaches who offer services like Terry’s…..none have impressed me as much as Terry. Our firm hired Terry in early 2019 to help resolve a multi-faceted situation imploding at our firm and getting worse by the minute. Practicing law with my husband and father (who has been a lifelong mentor to me) is a blessing…..but it also comes with its own unique set of challenges (e.g., interpersonal relationships, issues of trust, differing communication styles, hurt feelings, passionate litigators who didn’t see eye to eye on how to manage our staff or how to communicate with each other as we defended our respective team within our growing firm). Coupled with my employment law practice growing through the roof and a year where I settled some of the biggest and most media publicized cases of my career.

Terry had her work cut-out for her when we hired her. My father, Simon and I disagreed over management approaches; communication styles; values; and our Paralegals were battling each other’s egos in our office. Simon and I had to go home each night and co-parent our two little girls with a smile on our faces…..it was a lot. Terry took our broken firm by the hand and lead us to the light. Part therapist, part philosopher, part DISC Assessment expert, part brilliant business strategist, part peacemaker, part tough love…..Terry wore many hats in her consulting contract with our firm. And they all added-up to magic.

Like any great mediation heavily divided seemingly beyond repair, we came out the other end stronger, closer, more self-aware, more valued, more empowered, more accountable for our own actions and thus more trusting of each other. Throughout our coaching contract with Terry, she was prompt, knowledgeable, approachable, results-driven, fair with her pricing; invoicing, and respectful of my, my partner’s and our staff’s time.

-Stephanie Henderson Stocker, Attorney & Partner