As a burned out, lost and discouraged business owner, I found myself on a mission to find a “guru with all the answers.” What I experienced in the 24-months working with Versoria’s Terry Taylor, however, was how to initiate profound change from within myself. Along with the more routine strategies and mind-mapping, Terry’s greatest gift lies in her uncanny ability to stoke the fires of motivation and activate her client’s entrepreneurial ingenuity. The creativity that roared through me 23 years ago when I opened my business was rekindled! Not only did Terry remove the block so I could I simply think forward again; she guided me to see my business with entirely fresh new eyes and instinct. The most powerful aspect of the coaching became evident when I recently stopped and looked around me. Everything solid about my business was still intact (or refreshed); yet I was surrounded by changes I had made without thinking.

I highly that anyone interested in opening or resuscitating a business to give themselves the time it takes working with Terry Taylor and Versoria. And even as an established business owner, I am glad I gave my work with Versoria 2-years; interestingly, the recommended standard for any new startup to succeed.

-Trisha Hatfield Graves, Pilates at Play LLC