Whether you are an owner, manager or employee, it’s your job to be looking for ways to improve the way you and your teams work. Here are a few areas where you can focus your improvement efforts.

Granted, every business is different, and what works for one person or team might not work for another. But there are some universal skills that everyone — and we mean everyone — can stand to improve and even leverage.

In fact, everyone in your business — including you — can improve on at least one skill from this list. You and your employees will probably identify several areas that deserve attention. Don’t get overwhelmed if you determine, for example, you could stand to strengthen positivity, honesty, and listening skills.

Don’t feel like you have to tackle them all at once. Take it one step at a time. Pick one skill to improve and work on it for as long as it takes to become habit. Then pick another and work on it until it becomes automatic.

To get yourself prepared for re-opening, which of these 30 areas should you be focused on today?
1. Time Management
2. To Do List
3. Scheduling
4. Organization
5. Prioritization
6. Interpersonal Communication
7. Personal Style Preferences
8. Mature Listening Skills
9. Asking Directly for What You Want
10. Asking for And Getting Work Done on Time
11. Clearer Written Communication
12. Company Style Book
13. Courageous Conflict and Confrontation Skills and Method to Handle It Locally
14. Exquisite Customer Service That Reflects and Affirms Your Reputation
15. Capacity to Cooperate and End Turf and Ego Wars
16. Stress Management and Reduction
17. Learning New Skills to Increase Personal Value in Relationships and For the Company
18. Goal Setting That’s S.M.A.R.T. And Tied to A Development Plan and Performance Evaluations.
19. Accepting Feedback and Constructive Criticism
20. Focus and Engagement for Increased Productivity and Improved Performance.
21. Patience Skills
22. Empathy and Sympathy
23. Flexibility
24. Fostering Trust and Trustworthiness
25. Interest in Others
26. Using Judgment Vs Being Judgmental
27. Leadership Across the Organization Regardless of Position
28. Honesty and Integrity
29. Break It Down and Taking It One Step at A Time
30. Love What You Do

If you find it hard to make time for self or team improvement, block out the time on your calendar – then take action – bit by bit.

It is more fulfilling to love what you do. If you don’t, it’s just difficult to generate the drive to improve. So, let’s find the joy in your job. Once you’ve got that joy, it’s easier to identify your strengths and weaknesses. From there, you can take steps — or help your employees take steps — to learn, grow, and improve.

I’d love to help. Pick a time that works for you and let’s talk.