I started coaching with Terry to assist me in coping with my current work environment. Over the 16 plus years I coached with Terry it evolved into so much more. Terry’s expert knowledge in the coaching field and her own professional experience took me from coping to excelling. Her feedback was a path to model my management techniques, develop a high performing team and to, in turn, have the skills to coach my own staff; as well as make cultural changes in the organization.

One of the many tools she provided both myself and my team were 360 evaluations. This experience was formidable for everyone, providing a path for each individual to improve leadership and time management which lead to improved teamwork and productivity. Even though there was resistance initially, it turned into an opportunity for greater conversation and reflection on how we interacted and performed.

Along with the accompanying coaching from Terry, this improved our team effectiveness as well as individual leadership skills. The changes to the dynamics improved not only how we interacted, it made us more efficient and bottom line driven.

She is a good listener with well thought out strategies to guide you to improve in whatever area you desire. I encouraged my team to coach with Terry once I experienced for myself what she can do to improve performance, attitude and results.

-Diane Branson Unwin, Happily Retired