If you’re a leader or you work with leaders, with teams, and you want to increase your impact… This message can help you a lot…

With this same ‘shift’ I’ll share with you, a dear client – a CEO and owner of a very profitable clinic, whose identity I will protect – went from angrily complaining about how he was being compensated, to feeling ‘Joyful to be alive’ (in his own words)

… from comparing himself with the success of his partners and their results, to having work as “just one of his priorities, but not the only one.”


My client – let’s call him John here – was not only losing sleep… he was risking the quality of his home life and the relationships he had with others at work, and he literally lost executive status.

Why did the top earner, the #1 in his field nationally find himself so indignant and frustrated?

He unearthed a simple reason, which I’ll tell you in a moment…

So… There came a time when he couldn’t take this rage anymore, losing sleep, watching his relationships fall apart… it was a GIANT emotional burden, it stripped him of joy in his life…and he didn’t know what to do.

He realized how unsustainable it had become to continue with this situation…, and he was brave enough to call me. And here’s what is interesting…

When we first met, he said – “Terry! I just wanna be DONE with my partners! Their actions, their decisions, their motivations are so blatantly about greed – it’s just ridiculous!”

He had many stories about how wrong they were and the many ways he was affected by their deeds.

But here’s the thing:

Without awareness, he was comparing himself to others: earnings, errors, one-upmanship, and taking the moral high ground. He became a bully and saw that he was overbearing for the sake of winning arguments.

What he revealed UNDERNEATH his story was THAT his COMPETITIVE DRIVE made him an excellent practitioner, well known in his field, AND simultaneously, it was the fuel for his indignation.

Did you see the opportunity there? His DRIVE was competitiveness, but it came from COMPARISON.

And make no mistake, comparison is the sneaky thief of Joy.

Now, why did all this happen? What was the root cause?… John was proud of his competitive nature and all his ‘wins’ but he was not 100% clear on what HIS values were as a leader

So we went through my Personal Values Clarification process and it was truly revealing… We learned that he assigned power for fulfillment to external sources and ended up giving his power away…. Day after day… everywhere!!!

“John” was borrowing values from other people to lead HIS life and to lead his team from this other place…which is a sure formula for disaster.

Here’s the point:

Once you understand which are YOUR UNIQUE values, and that those values are your preferred experiences, THEN you can figure out how to get those preferred experiences more of the time. But it starts with knowing yourself as a leader… FIRST! And, that’s why it is a mindset shift.

Just imagine… your days full of clarity, peace of mind, where those experiences that make up your purpose in life – whether personal, work, or lifestyle – multiply one after another, because YOU cause them and because you know better how to live your life and run your business as a leader…

Not only that… by being more authentic, others feel more trust and want to be on board with you, because you inspire THEM to be more authentic too… so it’s a win-win for everyone!…

And AAAAALL because you decided to get clarity about YOUR values, your purpose, what’s in your heart as a leader first! THAT’S the starting point for massive change. Isn’t that amazing? It truly is within you.

In my humble opinion, and as an expert with over 30 years of personal and leadership coaching, THAT’S the secret to real fulfillment and satisfaction – what many call happiness.

So back to John… we worked together to identify his true intrinsic values, and not only that… we developed strategies to get those needs met more constructively and more of the time.

In fact… On our most recent coaching call he said he now sees work as ONE of many priorities. He also said he now feels true joy getting his values fulfilled in more meaningful ways and living his authentic life.


If you want to learn how to live a more authentic and satisfying life, get to know yourself as a leader first!

Of course, you can do it on your own, but some people find it difficult. That’s why I’m going to go one step further and make you an invitation…

If you go to https://bit.ly/leader-values and there’s still a spot available, you can book a free 30 minute complimentary call with me…that’s right, it’s free. No catch. You’ll fill out a short form and then see some options on my calendar. Choose the time that works best for you and I’ll meet you at the time you chose.

These calls are strictly designed to be less than 30 minutes and you’ll walk away knowing 3 or more of your intrinsic values, so you can change your focus as soon as you want and start to see the results in your life, in how people interact with you, etc.

These conversations are not for everyone, of course. People in leadership positions would benefit the most from a session like this… but honestly? Once you learn how to do this and lead yourself from authenticity first, you can lead others better, from a place of understanding and fulfillment.

Listen.. There’s no catch here! — We’ll talk for a little while, I’ll show you how to identify at least three of your values. Only if I see you’d genuinely benefit from working with me and you want to get to your next level in leadership, I can show you some options to get there if you want to, if it makes sense, and it’s something that might make a difference in your life and in the life of others. And if that’s the case, there’ll be no pressure at all.

Sounds good?

If so, go to https://bit.ly/leader-values now and I’ll be delighted to have a useful and rewarding conversation with you…


Terry Taylor