Executive Coaching:

A confidential relationship in which you identify your personal mission, values and goals and I coach with you to realize your vision for yourself and your team.

Executive Coaching

The CEO is peerless and can become isolated. Benefits from coaching include a safe place to vent, bounce around ideas, strategize organizational changes, and work through issues. The unique coaching relationship is based on a set of shared ethics and clear operating principles: honesty, integrity and intention. Choosing to be coached requires you to come to the relationship pre-motivated, committed to making time for the work a priority, and ready to roll up your sleeves. Coaching helps you see what’s possible, think strategically and implement actions to leap over the gap to who you want to become.

Leadership Development

Leaders aren’t born, they’re developed. Organizations who understand the value of leadership invest in personal development. Employees being led can tell whether their employer invests in leaders by the effectiveness of decision making, direction setting, role-modeling, and employee engagement, encouragement and challenge. Understand this: great leadership development is not a program, it is a strategy and culture YOU create.

We help you set goals and expectations for yourself and others including key capabilities, competencies, and experiences your company needs at the helm. Those defined goals drive selection, rewards, and the strategic framework for ongoing leadership development so the best of you becomes the heart beat in your organization.

The work begins as you define what you want your culture to be, review the talent needs of your organization and determine how you find, encourage, and promote successful leaders, then focus on developing those individuals.

Leader's DashBoard

The Leader’s Dashboard is a deceptively simple single page tool. It takes a leader from the highest-level questions about mission, vision, and values, to strategic questions about core talents and priorities, and tactical questions about measuring performance. Far from generic, the individual questions about key relationships and opportunities for professional development result in personal insights from guided reflection and dialogue that leaders can keep front and center to stay focused on the intelligent actions that will produce the outcomes they seek.

Leadership Practices Inventory – 360 Review

Applying the proven principles of Kouzes and Posner’s acclaimed Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® model, the Leadership Practices Inventory enables individuals to measure their leadership competencies and act on their discoveries. Leaders gain deep insight into how they see themselves as leaders, how others view them, and what actions they can take to improve their effectiveness.


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