I started coaching with Terry to assist me in coping with my current work environment. Over the 16 plus years I coached with Terry it evolved into so much more. Terry’s expert knowledge in the coaching field and her own professional experience took me from coping to excelling. Her feedback was a path to model […]

I am honored to recommend Terry Taylor. I endorse Terry without reservation to any organization that has made the wise decision to invest in the personal growth and team stability of its workforce. I am an employment law attorney with 20 yrs experience and I practice law with my father (Steve Henderson) and husband (Simon […]

Really appreciate your facilitation of the meeting and your sound counsel. You are a huge blessing. The organization needs you, and so do I! Lane Sater, President Your support and guidance to the organization has been tremendous. We appreciate you and everything you have done. James Vatne, Vice President Thanks for all your guidance in […]