3-Hour LIVE
Interactive Workshop
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How Would You Like Me to Personally Walk You Through
Completing That ONE Critical Communication
You've Been Putting Off and
Get It Handled Before Next Year Starts?
(…the one that’s costing you lots of stress, your peace of mind, and possibly loads of money?)

The reason we let those communications slide is the clarity you're missing about who you are, what you want and where you're going.

And the mind trash we tell ourselves to justify our inaction is rooted in the worst F word you've ever heard...that's right - FEAR!

If you're done tolerating it and you're ready to get grounded, get a plan of action and a script so you can finally get it handled...
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DATE: WEDNESDAY, November 30th | 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Pacific Time Zone

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This LIVE Webinar Will Show You Exactly: 
  • How to develop your personal Leadership Philosophy
  • How to live your life congruently, demonstrate your expertise without reservation and align what you do on a daily basis with who you truly are. 
  • The #1 way to create unwavering authority and respect with your kids, your family, your co-workers and peers or employees – (even if your boundaries have melted, or you never even had any)
  • My Fill-In-The-Blank template for creating an irrefutable testament to your personal definition of success that guides your interactions, tasks, and focuses your attention.
  • A powerful framework for how to think about and construct conversations that honor yourself and others and supports you to get FAST resolutions and results.
  • AND, how to structure your success and stay committed to your vision for 2023 and beyond. 
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Look, you already work long crazy hours and you don’t need to put in any more time lying awake ruminating over what you wish you would have said or done.

You’ve worked really hard to get here, I know you’re a leader and you want to reclaim your rock solid leadership confidence, so you have greater:

  • Visibility, impact and influence
  • Personal power
  • Emotional and relational intelligence
  • Success with difficult relationships
  • Communication skills, and
  • Work-Life effectiveness and respect from others

So you start 2023 off on the right foot with a clean slate and a lifelong trajectory of personal success.
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Here's What You Can Expect:
  • (Over 3+ hours of content-packed training - You’ll be BUILDING skills and PLANNING your communication as we go through each step of the training!)
  • The 54-page DISC Personality and Motivators Assessment and Your 25 Personal Strengths Characteristics
  • LIVE Q&A throughout the ENTIRE training - this is an interactive workshop, so bring your questions!
  • Unlimited access to “The CEO Matrix” MasterClass overview.
  • And, if you purchase in advance, lifetime access to the recorded live event!
Can’t attend on the 30th? No problem… Purchase this training BEFORE the event on the 30th, and the replay will be included!
3-Hour LIVE Interactive Workshop
DATE: Wednesday, November 30th |  11 AM Pacific
Click that button now to make sure you step into 2023 with purpose!

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