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Comparison is the Sneaky Thief of Joy March 24, 2022 Leadership No Comments Comparison is the Sneaky Thief of Joy If you’re a leader or you work with leaders, with teams, and you want to increase your impact… This message can help you a lot… With this same ‘shift’ I’ll share with you, a […]

Leadership is not just a set of actions, it is a process. August 13, 2021 Business advice, Business Success Psychology, Leadership No Comments And, it is not just influencing. While between the leader and followers, influence is mutual, together, they influence the environment around them in some way, and it goes beyond goals. There is a […]

Growth: Never settling for good enough. April 27, 2020 Business Success Psychology No Comments Whether you are an owner, manager or employee, it’s your job to be looking for ways to improve the way you and your teams work. Here are a few areas where you can focus your improvement efforts. Granted, every business is […]

Have the courage to look within and come up with a solid strategy. April 5, 2019 Uncategorized No Comments Change “If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the facts.” ~ Albert Einstein I love these quotes! Change is that scary word that most people shy away from.  I don’t want to change. Why should I change? Why […]

You Are Up To It! April 5, 2019 Uncategorized No Comments Challenge So many people wish life was easier, with less challenges and obstacles but without challenges, life becomes stagnant and we stop growing.  Challenges help us uncover who we are and it allows us to become better people. Let’s examine a very simple 4-step […]

Thoughts+Feelings+Actions= Results April 5, 2019 Uncategorized No Comments Attitude Attitude is the one thing all human beings have complete control of and yet many unknowingly choose a negative attitude.  If we understood the power of our own attitude in our lives, most of us would change it immediately.  How many times have you been told […]

The 80/20 Rule April 5, 2019 Uncategorized No Comments The 80/20 rule sounds like a mathematical formula and in some ways it is but don’t fret, this isn’t a lesson on statistics.  The rule came from an Italian economist, Vilfredo Pareto, who stated that of the Italian income was earned by 20% of the Italian […]

Name Your Values Before Setting Goals April 5, 2019 Uncategorized No Comments At the beginning of a new year, many business owners are ready to jump, list in hand, with goals for the coming year. That kind of spirit is the reason I love my work as a business consultant and executive coach. Business leaders […]